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VapeXhale Featured on the Front Page of Yahoo News!

2 weeks into being a full time CEO for VapeXhale and I'm feeling great.  I'm not going to lie, the first couple of days, I thought to myself, "What did you get yourself into?  Leaving a job in high tech to make vaporizers?"  I knew that these were the same fears that creep into every entrepreneur's mind that kept them from achieving their dreams and I couldn't let that happen to me.  Then this article appears and I'm just so thrilled about going "all in" on my dream to make this planet a healthier place.

While it might look like VapeXhale is hitting our stride, we have only arrived at the starting line.  The amount of work and effort to get here was substantial and I think this is about as appropriate a time as any to thank the people that made this possible.   I have an excellent team working for me with guys like Bryan, Phil, Tex, and Ben doing the majority of the heavy lifting which allows our customers to enjoy the awesome experience of the Cloud EVO.  While I get the majority of the spotlight for VapeXhale, not a day goes by where I don't thank the higher power that these guys decided to risk it all and go on this crazy ride to produce the best vaporizer the world has seen.

While this has been a glorious day for VapeXhale, I do not want to forget those that are less fortunate than us.  When giving thanks, make sure you lend a helping hand to those going through a tough time.  Thanks for reading and happy holidays.


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Bryan Clauss
Bryan Clauss