The Street Reports on VapeXhale

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Throw away that stinky old pipe or bong. Today's discerning pot smoker uses a vaporizer to smoke. Vaporizers are bigger than electronic cigarettes because of the chamber that consumers need to deposit their loose leafy product. Most vaporizers look like a high tech cigar.
The units use high heat on loose tobacco or herbs creating a vapor instead of smoke. The heat releases the desired chemicals, like cannabinoids in marijuana, but isn't hot enough to burn the product and cause it to catch on fire resulting in smoke and ash.
Many marijuana smokers prefer this method as they get more of the THC they want without damaging their throats and lungs. This can be pretty important if you are spending lots of money for premium pot. Seibo Shen, CEO of VapeXhale said smoking out of pipes is "the equivalent of drinking fine wine in a red plastic cup." His product doesn't come cheap. It retails for $500, but he has a backlog of orders.
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Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen