VapeXhale on Crave Online: "Cadillac of a Vaporizer"

Vaporizer Wars Lighting Up with Smoking New Options

As an alternative to cigarettes or as a techy accessory, the vaporizer is here to stay with this mix of new models.


Vapexhale Cloud Evo: If there’s a Cadillac of a Vaporizer, it might be this Evo. An amalgamation of a black capsule, glass tubes, bowls and cartridges, the Evo employs a Load Bowl filled with “our favorite herbs” inserted into a male glass joint at the top of the unit — with a HydraTube used for installation. 

You pay for all of that multi-functionality. The Evo on its own runs $450, while the Vapexhale Hydra Honeycomb Starter Kit can run northward to $800. That kit includes the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, the VapeXhale HydraHoneyComb Hydratube, the VapeXNail Essential Oil Attachment, two EZ Load Bowls and one Heat Shield. All totaled, the Evo and its accessories are for the most serious, devoted vape lover.


VapeXhale Admin
VapeXhale Admin