REVIEW: VapeXhale Cloud EVO Revolutionizes the Way Medical Cannabis Patients Healthily Medicate

Posted by Dankston Hughes on 04/16/2014 in Marijuana Product Reviews

Upon receiving my Cloud EVO (Extreme Vapor Output) vaporizer unit, I was pleasantly surprised by its modern, ergonomic design and lightweight portability. The vaporizing unit came with two EZ load bowls intended for patient-friendly application, a power cord and an instruction manual that assures users an unrivaled level of consumer-friendly functionality. With the option of choosing your preferred all-glass path, optional accessories and recommended warranty, the Cloud Evo is an entirely customizable vaporization unit that revolves around patient-preference.

This extraordinarily ergonomic vaporizer was designed to help patients achieve optimal vaporization while utilizing an innovative and unique water pipe design distinguishing familiarity. In employing an all-glass heating path, the cleanest, most consistent quality vapor is guaranteed time after time. The specific PepertuHeat System utilized by the VapeXhale works to keep the flow between the air and heating path separated.

(Above: The VapeXhale Cloud EVO was designed specfically to not interfere with the essential components found within Mother Nature's finest -- medical marijuana. When this vaporizer was created, the company intention's focused directly on helping patients enjoy the vaporizing experience at its optimal level.)

The Cloud EVO’s advanced technology allows the PerpetuHeat System to wrap around the air path already built into the vaporizer to efficiently heat the air. Touting a lighter, more expeditious vaporizing process than previously built models, the Cloud EVO by VapeXhale is a wonderfully cost effective investment for patients seeking to maximize their health benefits while comfortably and conveniently medicating right in their own home.

The glass heating element runs the length of the vaporizing unit as the Cloud EVO base stands at around 8 inches tall. The unit takes just a few minutes to distribute the heat evenly throughout, and a green LED light just inside the base will indicate the status of the vaporizer, green for go. The Cloud Evo was designed with the patient’s safety and best interest in mind. There is a heat resistant enclosure on the lower half of the vaporizing unit to maximize the user-friendly compatibility of the product.

With a detachable power cable, patients are given the freedom to utilize the VapeXhale at their greatest convenience without having to constantly keep it plugged in. The Cloud EVO was designed with phenomenal heat retention so that the vaporizer’s portability can be maximized temporarily and efficiently.

The all-glass vaporization experience was designed for durability and patient ease. The EVO Cloud experience utilizes a highly integrated design for one-handed use and simple operation. The all-glass vapor path provides patients with the highest quality, unaltered vapor conceivable. The non-reactive path allows the essence of the herb to be fully enjoyed.

Whatever your strain of medicine, the Cloud EVO vaporizer allows all patients to savor and reap the benefits of their alternative medicine to the fullest extent. With such a user-friendly, ergonomic design, patients need not look any further than the VapeXhale Cloud EVO for all healthy medicating needs. The water pipe attachment personally provides a unique outlook on vaporization, providing patients with the familiarity of their younger years when using a water pipe was the primary method. From us here at, we highly recommend this unique vaporizer!

Additionally, VapeXhale will release its most innovative project yet on 4/20 in Denver, the VapeXNail. As an all-glass oil attachment, this product will feature hot air liquefaction without any sizzle or burn. It is one of the most highly anticipated offerings of the “holiday” season. 

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill