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The Cloud EVO is a beast. This vaporizer by VapeXhale produces some of the biggest, strongestdraws I’ve experienced, and it still manages to keep the vapor smooth, tasty and comfortable.

Heat up time with the newly designed EVO model has been reduced to about 3 minutes, which is right in line with most good units.

I also picked a different style HydraTube this time, the Swagger ShowerCap, and I’m a lot happier with the vapor quality and flavor from this one versus the one I bought with the original model.

Also if you’re into concentrates I highly recommend the glass nail attachment they’re offering now, I’m not even normally a huge concentrate fan but it worked so well and I got such a big draw that I feel like it’s worth mentioning, especially since it’s a true 100% glass experience.

VapeRating: 95/100

I did review the original Cloud vape over a year ago and I can honestly say I’m having a better experience with the new one. Read more...

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill