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What is the VapeXHale Cloud EVO?


VXH towering over the Vapman.

The VapeXHale Cloud EVO is the latest in the line of VapeXHale’s Cloud products. It might be one of the best vaporizers on the market right now. It’s all glass vapor path and next generation heater make it one of the most efficient vapes I’ve ever used. The convection heating the EVO provides gives my herbs full and thick clouds from start to finish. There’s no burnt popcorn taste, it’s some of the most delicious vapor I’ve ever had the pleasure of inhaling.

The Easy Load Bowls (ELB) are a dream. What’s an ELB? It’s a small bullet like object that you put the herb in before dropping it into the glass up top. I can load up as many as I need and have them ready to go. They can fit in a bag or a pocket with ease. VXH charges $19.99 for a pack of 4 ELBs. Each one can last a few months, but after repeated use I noticed the lids will pop off and leave the bottom of your Hydratube covered in little brown pieces of ABV.

The VapeXHale Cloud EVO can vaporize herbs or concentrates. There’s two ways to do concentrates:


 1.) Using the new VapeXNail attachment. Slide your essential oils into the glass tube and you get thick delicious vapor. The VapeXNail costs $25 per “nail”, but because the tube is glass and is sitting inside of the EVO, it can be too hot to reload at first. To combat this VapeXHale recommends you get at least three to keep the action going.

2.) The Sandwich method: By placing some wax between two ELB caps you can vaporize oils that way. I use this method sometimes because I enjoy putting wax and herb together. It will cause the ELBs to get loose, but it took a few months for it to happen to mine. I’ve had ELB tops get loose without using the sandwich method, so I don’t think it’s the cause of it. Just a downside to consider. Tamping down the ELB between hits prevents any pop ups.

A big test of a vaporizer for me is this: Can my friends use it without drama? The VapeXHale Cloud EVO couldn’t be simpler to operate. Turn it on, let it heat up, and pop in the ELB (Easy Load Bowl, more on that later). It’s so simple to use that on more than one occasion I had someone remark “That’s all? The rest of your gadgets are a lot more complicated.” The truth is, they are right. When you spend time fumbling with whips and torches you add complications. If a user is nervous or a little shaky you could end up with your nice new vape on the floor. The EVO provides a plug and play experience that has not I’ve not seen surpassed.

Hydratubes + Existing Glass

One of my favorite things about the Cloud series is that they VXH built them to work with great pieces of glass. VapeXHale sells these amazing Hydratubes that give you great conditioning and flavor. Mine came with the Swagger Circ – $249.99. The glass they sell is well done, and it integrates well with the EVO. The EVO has an 18mm downstem so it will work with any existing glass you already own. Pop it into a Mobius Stereo Matrix and watch it sing. I broke my Hydratube a few weeks back (RIP, all my fault), and while it was sad to say goodbye I was relieved I could use some of my other glass.

Seibo from VXH empties a Mobius.


No product is perfect, but the VapeXHale Cloud EVO comes really fucking close. My biggest issue with the EVO is that it gets CRAZY hot to the touch once it’s been on too long. When my EVO shipped, it came with a few rubber bracelets to go around it (I call them WEEDSTRONG bracelets). Those helped with the heat but my advice would be to avoid touching the top of the unit after it’s been on for more than 40 minutes. This is a problem all vaporizers have: what do you do with all that heat you are generating? I have heard rumors of a coozie like cover, but don’t know how much it helps. The temperature knob is moves too easily. I found after it gets passed around enough the temperature would creep up after rubbing people clothes and/or their greased up naked bodies. This isn’t a big deal, but for such a premium device I’d imagine giving the knob more heft might be a nice improvement. The device is really light, which is a great thing, BUT I kind of wish it felt more like a $450 device. The price is higher than a lot of vaporizers I’ve bought in the past. While I think $600-$800 dollars for an EVO and a Hydratube is a great deal for a heavy user like me, the price can scare more casual smokers. This is a matter of perspective but to me a vaporizer is a tool I use to get a job done. If the tools I use are poorly crafted or complicated to use it only means one thing: I won’t use them. I see the EVO as an investment and treat it as such. I plan on it lasting me years and years.


In my house when it’s go time, there’s no question which vape will I will be putting into service. Why drive a smart car when you have a god damn Ferrari sitting right there waiting to give you the ride of your life? I also love that VapeXHale is always listening to the community for input, suggestions, and feedback. I love it when I see a company active in the Vaporizer Community. The EVO is by far my favorite vaporizer, and I can’t wait to see what VapeXHale comes up with next.

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill