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If you haven’t heard the buzz about the VapeXhale Cloud EVO yet, then you need to watch this!  Vaporizing has become more and more popular over the years, and with that popularity came many advancements in vaporizer technology, and the Cloud EVO is definitely one of the most advanced and impressive vaporizers out there today.  So, if you like the idea of going through less herb and concentrates, having the smoothest hits possible, and looking like a mad scientist while you do it, then read on…

Allow me to introduce you to the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, which provides you with a 100% glass airway, from the bottom to your lips (if you use the VapeXNail), and diffusion/water filtration courtesy of the advanced HydraTubes.  This vaporizer will give you cool, smooth hits, and you can easily vaporize both dry herb as well as concentrated hash oils.  This is the most advanced smoking device I’ve ever owned, and I had a lot of fun putting together the video review.

I love how the VapeXhale Cloud EVO not only lets you know whenever it has warmed up to the temperature you set it at, but it also let’s you know when you should wait a moment between hits, because things got too hot or your inhalation cooled things down a bit.  That way you always are vaporizing your goodies at the temperature you prefer!  In fact, if you turn the temperature down, it will glow red to let you know that it has to cool down a bit before it matches the setting you chose.  So, you always have an unmistakable visual cue to let you know when to start the vapor train, and when to hang tight.  The Cloud EVO only takes about 2 minutes to warm up to the medium heat level, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy testing it out to find the perfect temperature for your vape sessions.

And if you love dabbing concentrates, then you’ll want to grab a few VapeXNails, which will give you the smoothest, richest, cleanest, concentrated hit, thanks to the fact that you will now have a completely glass air path for your vapors (with the ELB the vapor passes through the stainless steel screen, but it’s still super smooth).  The VapeXNail is a glass tube with a curved slit near the bottom, which enables you to scrape stickier concentrates off inside the tube, with your dabbing tool, so that they are at the base of the tube, where it’s the hottest.  Otherwise, you can just drop a chunk in from the top, if you’re dabbing stuff like shatter, flaky wax, or moon rock.  You slide it into the stem the same way you do with the ELB, and you clean it just like you would do any other glass piece.


I am definitely impressed with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, but make sure you choose your HydraTube wisely, because you may not like the results as much if it’s taking out too much flavor, or not letting you take huge hits, because the airflow is a bit limited.  There are a BUNCH of different glass options, some of which offer a full-flavored hit, but sadly the Swagger SideCirc takes a bit too much of the flavor out of the vapors for me to enjoy using this vaporizer with dried herbs.  With Ace of Spades, it still tasted as sweet and fruity as usual, but when I vaporized some Purple Kush it took the better flavors out of the vapor, and left me with a bunch of pine flavor to deal with, so I guess it depends on the strain.  I do have plans of getting the Swagger ShowerCap in the future, and maybe I’ll update you on how much more flavor that lets through, but for now I feel like I’ll be using the Cloud EVO as my go-to dabbing machine.

I honestly think that the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, coupled with the VapeXNail, is the best possible way to do dabs.  You don’t have to deal with a torch or dirty nails, you get a super clean hit without the combustion (yes, when you dab on a hot titanium nail, your concentrates are going through combustion), and I have yet to take a hit that’s made my chest hurt… you know what I’m talking about!  And the best part is that you’ll save money on concentrates, because they are slowly vaporized in the VapeXNail, giving you multiple hits whenever you thought you only had enough for one rip.  So, you’ll definitely be getting the most out of your dabs with this device, and it’s kind of cool to see the hash oil all liquefied in the bottom, as it bubbles off into vapors.

This vaporizer is easy to master and VERY enjoyable to use, and if you care about your health as well as saving money at the dispensary then head over to the VapeXhale Site and check out what they have to offer! They provide you with a bunch of handy accessories, which will make your vape sessions better than you could have ever imagined, and there are currently 12 different HydraTube options available (some are way more advanced than what I have), so check out their glass and get one of these babies yourself!

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill