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Medicated Monday: How Smooth Is Vapexhale’s Cloud EVO?

9 Reactions From Fans at High Times Cannabis Cup SF

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Last month cannabis connoisseurs from all over attended the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco to see the latest and greatest cannabis products and accessories.  One of the highlights was Vapexhale’s Cloud EVO, by far the smoothest vaporizer we’ve ever tested.  It’s only right their prototype won best product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle 2012 and Los Angeles 2013. In San Francisco many attendees agree’d, Vapexhale delivers a quality toke your lungs will thank you for later.  Vapexhale’s Cloud Evo delivers the best of both worlds; retaining the full body flavor of your meds (be it flowers OR concentrates) while reducing the overall harshness of medicating on your lungs.  Vapexhale is the next step in concentrate consumption; eliminating the need for torches and accidentally over heating your nail, delivering high quality, low temperature tokes.

In the past I wasn’t a fan of vaping because I felt it took away from the sensation of smoking for me but Vapexhale has created the solution with their Cloud Evo.  Simply put it’s a bong and vaporizer all in one, for more details read our review by Wookwok here.  Their selection of Swagger Glass Hydratubes add to the filtration process making it by far the headiest, healthiest hit to date.

Check out videos below of fans testing the Vapexhale Cloud EVO for the very first time.  Follow @TeamVapexhale on Instagram and visit to purchase one today!

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill