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Marijuana.com Review: "VapeXhale: Changing the Table Top Vaporization Game"

Learning to effectively vape buds out of a desktop vaporizer can be complicated and often, a hassle. The founders of VapeXhale had a single goal in mind – create sleek, simple, and intuitive vapes. VapeXhale consulted with engineers, experienced vaporists, and designers to create the innovative Cloud EVO. The ingenuity of VapeXhale was recognized with Best Product awards at the 2012 Cannabis Cup in Seattle and the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. VapeXhale has also been featured on Getting Dough With High and USA Today.

Vapexhale Swagger Sidecirc Starter Kit

The VapeXhale Swagger Sidecirc Starter Kits are designed as all-inclusive packages for vaping both dry herb and concentrates. The Cloud EVO functions as the base and is dressed in sleek black with the company logo embossed on the front. The Cloud EVO’s glass tip lights up red while it’s heating and green once it is ready for use. The Swagger Sidecirc acts as a mouth piece that filters the vapor through a shower perc. One of the great features with this setup is how the heat is activated by inhalation, which means there are no buttons to mess with. When these components are put together in a complete package, the end result is the tastiest of vape rips. By thinking outside the box and keeping user experience at the forefront of design, VapeXhale has raised the bar when it comes to desktop vaporizers.

Source: http://www.marijuana.com/news/2015/01/vapexhale-changing-the-table-top-vaporization-game/

Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill