Technology has managed to leap off the pages of science fiction novels and wedge itself into nearly every aspect and pastime we've come to enjoy as 21st century hedonists. The world is now blessed with robots that write thank you noteswatches that start cars, and—of course—an app that tells you when you're running low of toilet paper.

Since its recent induction and eventual cult status in society, the vaporizer has only become more sleek and user-friendly in the last few years. They're now more portable and discreet than a well-hidden glass bowl and can lead to a very good time in the most dire and boring circumstances. Since our last review, we've managed to get our hands on five more vaporizers that exemplify technology's willingness to help us get high in style. 

Based on design, portability, and strength, we went to town on five vaporizers and ranked them all for your reading, and eventual smoking, pleasure.

Design: We're no strangers to the Cloud EVO, however, the vape's newest essential oil attachment extracts concentrate using up to 50% less oil than most vaporizers. That means you don't have to empty your dab jar to achieve a solid buzz. That being said, the attachment truly makes the Cloud a tabletop accessory rather than something you can cart around. 
Portability: While it is lightweight, the Cloud EVO certainly isn't the kind of device you can bring around, nor is it advertised as such. This is a serious machine for serious vapers. 
Strength:  We've said it once and we'll say it again—the Cloud EVO will hit you a potency akin to smoking from a bong and restore your faith in vaping. 
Conclusion: For those used to a bong who want to make the transition to a vaporizer that can support both herbs and oils, the Cloud EVO is where you should turn. On a related note, if you're looking for an oil that's completely legal and will make you feel good—look to Polynesia, my friends

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VapeXhale Admin
VapeXhale Admin