Paint The Moon Review: "Best Direct Draw Vaporizer on the Market"

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review

The Vapexhale Cloud Evo (or VXC on many popular forums) is one of the newest desktop vaporizers on the market. This vape is made by the good people of VapeXhale, and this is by far one of the best vaporizers ever made. It is the newest model by VapeXhale, replacing the older Cloud model.

Many of you know of the father of all vaporizers, the Volcano by Storz and Bickel, which uses a fan to fill bags full of amazing quality vapor. The VXC is a direct draw vaporizer, exactly opposite the fan setup of the Volcano. However, the vapor is of the same high quality that you would expect to get from a Volcano, it just goes directly into your lungs instead of a bag first.

The vape itself stands about eight inches tall and is about three inches wide. This unit also features a nearly all glass vapor path, the only piece that is not glass being the EZ Load bowls. On the top, there is a glass connector for the bowl and the tube. Loading this unit is very simple, and VapeXhale offers many tube options which will be covered later. Some of these tubes are water pipes, a major plus of buying the VXC.

Vape Xhale Cloud Evo

How the Vape Xhale Cloud Evo Works

The VXC is a very simple device to operate. You start by taking the EZ load bowl and removing the cap. After doing so grind your material and fill the chamber anywhere from twenty to eighty percent of the way full. You don’t want to fill it too much, because the VXC is a convection vaporizer, so air needs to flow through the material to vaporize it. I have found that, for personal sessions, it works well at about fifty percent full, or about one quarter of a gram. I really wouldn’t put more than half a gram in, because it will affect how well your material vaporizes.

Vape Xhale Cloud Evo reviews

After filling one of the two EZ Load bowls that comes with the unit, getting vapor is pretty simple. You flip the switch below the temperature dial to turn the unit on, turn the heat dial to the twelve o’clock position and wait for the LED light on top to turn green. It should take around five or so minutes with the new units to heat up fully, then, you pop the bowl into the chamber and attach your tube. After that, vaping is as easy as drawing air into your lungs.


There are many tube options that you can purchase with the VapeXhale Cloud Evo which is one of the best aspects of this unit. The cheapest option, which costs nothing for you, is the dry tube or “glass mouthpiece” (pictured below) as they call it. It comes included with your unit and it’s essentially just a glass tube that connects to the top of the unit that you draw your vapor through. If you just want something simple and don’t like vaping through water, the included glass tube is perfect.

Vape Xhale Cloud Evo tube

Although water may help ease the discomfort of hot vapor on your throat, many people do find the resistance of vaping through water to be a pain. That being said, if you enjoy vaping through water, you simply cannot get a better option than the VapeXhale Cloud Evo. The prices of the tubes vary, and they can cost as little as fifty dollars or as much as $374 (if bought on their own).

If you buy a tube with your vaporizer, the most expensive option is $174. I highly recommend you check out the manufacturer’s website here to see all the different options for water pipes and choose the one which best fits you. I personally really enjoy the “Swagger Barrel”, because it provides good diffusion without compromising flavor or the flow of vapor.

However, it is good to note that this vape can in fact be used with any and all glass water pipes. Upside down operation is fine for the unit, making it easier to use with your current glassware.

Check out this video to get a visual idea of how to use the Cloud Evo. In this video, they are using a water pipe:


Pros and Cons

Everything has it’s pros and cons, but I’ll admit, it was hard to really find anything wrong with this unit. Below is our list for the Cloud Evo.


  • Operation: this is a very easy unit to operate. You just load the bowl, pop it in, heat it up, and attach your glass.
  • Versatility: Because the VapeXhale Cloud Evo can be used with any glass water pipes you have, this makes this unit a very versatile piece of vaporizing machinery.
  • Quality: the quality of vapor that this unit produces is paralleled only by the best vaporizers on the market; this vape will not leave you disappointed.
  • Vapor Density: The VXC delivers some of the thickest vapor on the market, regardless of how fast or slow you inhale.


  • Durability: Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the unit itself, but unfortunately due to the glass tubes on the VapeXhale Cloud Evo, it is prone to breakage just like any other glass piece. The best way to combat any breakage would be to be careful with the unit, and be careful in sharing with your friends. Just show them how to properly use the device before handing it off to them and you should have no problems.

Final Recommendation

If you are looking for the best direct draw vaporizer on the market, get the VapeXhale Cloud Evo. You really can’t beat the performance and vapor quality this unit puts out with any other vape currently out there. Plus, the fact that you can use water pipes with it is a huge plus.

If you have the money, this high quality unit will last you for a long time and will easily become your go-to vaporizer every time you vape.

VapeXhale Admin
VapeXhale Admin