We are so stoked to be named "America's Top Vape" by SF Evergreen.

"The latest from San Francisco’s VapeXhale, the Cloud Evo is a nearly perfect hybrid of vaporization’s health and flavor benefit melded with the experiential satisfaction of a classic bong rip.

This vaporizer outperforms all other comparable products when it comes to vaping flowers. But it carves out a class all its own with a unique concentrate system that can handle everything from full melt hash to The Clear.

Vaporizers are nothing new in the cannabis world..."

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"There is NO question that the EVO is head and shoulders above the other vaporizers reviewed here, and is definitely a contender for the best desktop vaporizer available on the market today." - Adam Corre, Inquisitr

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Review: VapeXhale Cloud EVO

I remember the first time I saw the Vapexhale Cloud EVO at a Kush expo a couple years ago. VapeXhale had a booth set up and from the appearance it seemed to be quite popular. There was quite a buzz surrounding the vaporizer at the time and to be honest I was quite excited to try this new Vaporizer.
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VapeXhale Cloud Evo

from GearHungry.com

At first glance, it mightn’t be obvious what puts VapeXhale’s Cloud Evo above its competitors. Sure, this a tabletop vaporizer is without a control panel that looks like it was pulled from the space shuttle, intuitively employing a simple switch and temperature dial instead. But more importantly, it boasts an all-glass vapor path to spare you from any imparted taste, PerpetuHeat technology that quickly adapts to changes in airflow to provide consistent heat for abundantly thick vapor, and uses a variety of distinct HydraTubes that cool, diffuse, and moisten the vapor to varying degrees for a smoother hit. The end result? A ludicrously powerful, well-balanced vaporizer that will extract all the good stuff out of your loose leaf and deliver quality vapor quite unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Learn more at VapeXhale – $450+

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