My friends would describe me as a flavor snob

I have used many vaporizer in the past. I always conceded that the health and other various benefits of vaporizing grossly outweighed my untenable commitment to the ritual of smoking. Over the past few years, I have been using the VRiptech Heat Wand. It provided a ritual similar to that of smoking, with the benefits of clean and pure vapor. Unfortunately, the drawbacks of inconvenience and fragility make it hard to use, for me personally, as an every-session vaporizer. I had accepted that I was going to be a lifetime smoker.

But after trying the EVO at a friends' house, I believe that this is the first vaporizer that could truly replace that dirty habit. The convenience, versatility, functionality, vapor quality, you name it.. I had never been more blown away at a first impression session with a vaporizer. My friends would describe me as a flavor snob, but I have no doubt that they would understand the pleasure of enjoying their medication in the most transparent way after using the EVO. This is one of the first units I can say matches the flavor purity of my VHW. 

My only regret is that I did not order one earlier. Thank you for continuing to improve the technology by which we enjoy our medication. For people like me who cherish their glass collection and possess a great deal of sentimentality towards their pieces, this is a dream vaporizer.

I will be placing my order as soon as possible. Will have to spend more time with my friend until then, I guess.



Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen