I am getting the most incredible performance out of this vaporizer

de-lurking here after years of subterranean research. I actually had an active username here on FC a few years ago but I forgot it and the email I used to sign up is no longer active. 3 Years ago I stumbled upon the FC forum and what I found here actually changed my life. I have been quietly keeping up with developments over the past few years while maintaining radio silence. I contributed to the IGG campaign as an EB (straight neck, w/ ice pinches), and my experience with both the VXL product and company have been so impressive that I have been inspired to de-lurk and create a new username and post a review of this beast.

I received my Cloud EVO along with my beautiful custom Swagger HT a few days before Christmas. I was pretty thrilled with its performance, as it produced massive clouds at noon and was brutally effective for about a day. Sadly, my unit was one of the early miscalibrated EVOs to suffer a cracked glass core (bamboo). I actually saw it happen, which was quite sad. So I opened a support ticked and received a reply in less than an hour. Sent the unit back for repairs, and got it back just about two weeks later. No charge. VXL explained to me that my unit's firmware was miscalibrated in such a way that caused the core to get too hot too fast and fail. Before I get into the details of how the repaired and recalibrated unit works, I just want to emphasize how impressed I am by the support I received. I sent my broken unit in and it was repaired for free under warranty, in 2 weeks time with zero hassle. so my experience with VapeXhale costumer service and product support has been excellent. 

First thing I notice when firing up the rebuilt unit is that it is much cooler at noon than it was under the original calibration. Noon produces somewhat whispy but delicious vapor. I usually load between .05g and .1g and this will last for roughly 4-6 hits at this setting, producing a nice blue vapor with wonderful low-mid temp effects. With the new firmware, my EVO doesn't really show it's power until the 2:00-3:00 range. At 3:00 I am getting the most incredible performance out of this vaporizer. An entire .05g-.1g load can be fully extracted in 1 hit. 2 at the most. Some of these hits are the most potent I have ever experienced, producing a dab-like wave of instant effects (even causing the occasional "sweats!"). Effects last for hours. And here's the part that blows me away: it actually tastes good and doesn't hurt my throat. At that temperature and with that volume of vapor I would expect more irritation, but it's actually smooth and still delicious. Additionally, I have taken ABV from each of my other vapes after it had been roasted to the point that it produced no vapor and dropped it into an ELB, loaded it into the EVO at 3:00, and blown a massive cloud every time. 

In my opinion, this thing is basically the vaporizer equivalent of a high-end sports car. It doesn't try to do everything, and it appeals to the desires of a few specific markets. I am talking about buyers who are looking for a product that does a few specific things, REALLY well. I can get very pure flavor at noon, or I can get incredible extraction at 3:00. At noon the ABV is really still a very dark green, but it is fully dried and has very little smell. At 3:00 the ABV is a very even milk chocolate, with virtually no smell and it has a tendency to turn to dust if you agitate it.


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen