Smoother, tastier, silkier vapor effortlessly

My initial impression is @stonemonkey55 is right about the dial programming, however, the big difference for me is the TASTE!!! :drool: I tried to vape flower at 3 and its just too toasty for me. The power of the EVO is amazing because you can use it to vape from a cold start while everything is coming up to temp rather than wait. When doing this I set a slightly higher temp and I get even tastier vapor. Its like eating your medicine . . . :drool: I find the dial provides a nice selection experience. The vapor is definitely different on this thing. Its smoother, silkier, more refined. The particle size seems smaller, and did I mention the taste? I think there is some voodoo in the new bamboo :cool: There is also the distinct possibility that this thing medicates harder than my OG and + models did, but more testing is necessary to be certain . . . ;)

I love my new EVO because:
  • Light weight is so nice
  • Gets hot fast, very powerful
  • I am no longer a human WEMO
  • The taste, the taste, the taste!!! :drool:
  • Concentrate level relief with flowers
  • Smoother, tastier, silkier vapor effortlessly
  • Draw is tighter then previous so relaxing into it was key for me
  • New removable power cord allows multiple cords throughout and around the house
  • As a hand warmer, it rocks the world. Cold winter arthritis just got kicked in the nuts :)


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen