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The bottom line is I love my EVO

After 20 or so sessions with EVO I’m beginning to form some impressions. At first glance EVO looks like an evolutionary model bump. In reality it’s built from the ground up using the Cloud as its prototype and extrapolating data from the Guinness Book World Records sized 2+ year FC Cloud Beta Test/Group Grope.

Back when the Cloud was still a figment of SM’s imagination, we would talk about it, and the EVO is what I imagined it would look like. My first takeaway is the Cloud was the prototype and EVO is the first production model.

I love my Cloud, in some ways more than EVO, so that’s not a knock. EVO is more efficient than the Cloud by design. But for heavy hitting hedonists like myself that’s not entirely good! First off, EVO has been fine tuned to work with Hydratubes. A redesigned Bamboo restricts the airway more so than before focusing less heat closer to the ELB. That’s a step forward for Hydratubes but a giant step backward for bongs!

Whereas EVO’s increased efficiency produces better yields, the Cloud’s better airflow makes it easier to use with a bong. I was blowing six giant clouds on a 3/4 ELB with the Cloud, now I’m blowing 8 big clouds using the same amount with EVO. That’s a 33% efficiency bump! I never considered the Cloud particularly efficient, in fact it’s wantonly wasteful. But for a glutton like me that can be heaven!

Restricting cool air upon intake requires less power to heat, that’s good science. But there are tradeoffs. I hope demand for a Turbo Bamboo prompts VXL to release one. Others have alluded to EVO's whistle. That’s the result of the redesigned Bamboo’s restrictive airway. I find when EVO whistles that’s a sign I’m hitting too hard. EVO requires 2 or 3 small milking hits to get optimal heat flowing whereas I can suck enough heat in one gulp on the Cloud. But after you get the hang of it that’s not a big a tradeoff! It’s simply a matter of employing different inhalation techniques.

The bottom line is I love my EVO and my Cloud! Neither is perfect but they’re my two favorite desktop vapes. I’m very proud of SM and the VXL crew for the giant strides they’ve made to bring EVO to fruition. It’s a rock solid prodo model!


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen