Wow, this thing is amazing

Wow, this thing is amazing. I was using a volcano daily for a while, then switched to combustion for a minute. This wins. When I first got the volcaano, I was really impressed at the time by the german engineering of all the interlocking pieces. Now in comparison, the design on the Evo is so much smarter, more efficient, and more effective. Well done, guys.

I'm digging the geometric swagger logos (in the pre-order, it was shown with more of a street art tag.) The glasswork with the logos is solid / classy as hell. The HT is smaller than I thought it would be, not a bad thing.

At noon with a half-full ELB and medium-fine-grounds, I get flavor for days with thin vapor. You can get a good 8 or so rips before it feels like time for a reload. The hits get a little warm if you're not using cold water. Not completely satisfying spread so thin. At 3pm with a 3/4 full ELB and extra-fine grounds, I'm ripping through about 3 nice bong rips worth in 2 hits or so, blowing dragon clouds and forgetting how to use the unit. It's looking ~1:30-2:00 as sweet spot on mine. Just great.

I'm going to need to order some more ELB's stat.


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen