$100 OFF Eugene Monroe Pro Kit

Happiest customer ever.

My ticker was retired to the shelf of honor. That is saying a lot. It has been used daily for 18+ months.

There are a bunch of vaporizers that "get the job done." My deal is "the experience" of the vape. My preference is thick, dense, high temp power hits -- milking a substantial glass piece with a quick carb for the shotgun. This is what turns me on in a vaporizer. My ticker Cloud + Cloud Buddy + an awesome bubbler = vaping bliss. It has provided the vape experience I love.

I have 2 EVOs from the IGG campaign shipped around 1/10. They were sent after VXL started to seriously ramp up output. This made me nervous but I think they nailed it with consistency, presentation, and most importantly function.

The weirdest thing is that the calibration on the EVOs is extremely close to my original ticker. 1 - 3 on the dial is the sweet spot for me. Functionally and experience wise the EVO is the same as my original ticker except for much faster heat up time. There really aren't any performance difference I notice after some fun experimentation.

I say a HUGE FUCKING SHOUTOUT TO THE VXL team!! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that you guys are going to spread the ultimate vape experience far and wide.

(I am such a cloud lover that I had moments of anxiety even thinking of being without one.)

The EB Bent Neck Hydratube is a beautiful piece of glass, but using it is literally like trying to suck pudding through a straw. It'll get ya there but you can't get the airflow fast enough to milk. Cloud buddy to the rescue.....

Happiest customer ever.


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen