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Definitely my favorite vaporizer that I've used

Now that I've had my Cloud EVO for about a week, thought it was time for some more thoughts/reviews about it.

First off, I still LOVE the thing. Definitely my favorite vaporizer that I've used. 

-This thing brings the clouds! ELB's just keep going and going and going....
-Bottom of unit stays cool to the touch even after hours of being on
-Very light, I don't worry about stress on my glass
-Detachable power cord is a nice touch. Very handy when passing it around the room.

-First attempt at concentrates was a fail
-More people don't know about this thing!
-Didn't buy the Swagger Barrel for $50 (just went with the free dry mouthpiece since I planned to use my bubbler)

I've found I usually start my vaping session at noon. After a few hits I move the dial up to 1:30ish for a few more hits before finally finishing the ELB off at 3. By that time the ABV is a nice roasted coffee color. I'm still astounded by how many hits the EVO produces. I can think the ELB is cashed, but still pull another rip out of it. 

Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen