All my expectations are met

ok, end of my first week with my EVO. Must say all my expectations are met and I'm a happy vaporizer.

The herb loaded as 1/8 teaspoon into the ELB gives me two nice clouds on 1 o'clock with nice dark brown results.

Next i did the suggest errl mini ELB. Took a screen from the Extreme Q and replace the large outer screen. Then I made a small bucket in the bottom of a ELB cap. Using needle nose pliers I made the bucket round and flat.

Put a small piece of org cotton in the small bucket, throw some errl in the EQ screen, assemble and throw in EVO set to max.

The best favored errl yet. More so that my quartz dnail at 715 degrees...

Only issues are the hydro tube angle which a ticket will resolve and that timeout drives me crazy :)

If I knew a while back what I know now, I would have grabbed this earlier, before the dnail even. I use this EVO more that any other item I have...

Now, I need a backup, good things turn bad once you need them and something goes wrong, which in life wait for it...

This baby is the cat's meow and the dog's favorite toy!


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen