...this thing provides such profoundly medicating extraction...

checking back in after several weeks of utterly consistent excellent performance on the part of my refurbished EVO. this thing is just such a pleasure to use. it's so simple and powerful. just drop in an ELB and go to town on whatever glass you have. my ELB's never get snagged on any glass that I've mated it with, due to the design of the glass joint, so even most noobs can use it effectively without too much coaching. at 3:00 this thing provides such profoundly medicating extraction that I have at least temporarily lost interest in concentrates. I find myself using it at night or on weekends mostly, due to the fact that I seem to lack the self control to maintain a professional mentality when clouded... Not that the EVO doesn't perform brilliantly at low temps... I love to use the dry VXL mouthpiece for the most pure low temp flavor and effects... I just seem to lack discipline so I turn up the heat and blow massive clouds. something about having power makes you want to use it. So I tend to stick to the solo during the day when I have work to do.

I tried to do a scientific comparison tonight between using the EVO with the early bird straight tube swagger single turbine HT and using it with the Mobius Ion Matrix. two fresh ELB's with the same strain. it was very close. the HT seemed to provide slightly better cooling with slightly less diffusion with better flow. not that the Mobius has any drag, but the much larger diameter of the mouthpiece on the HT makes it perform differently. I think the Mobius gave a smoother hit with flavor equal to the HT. however the HT provides a more "direct" experience, which I can't quantify but I do enjoy


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen