I really am delighted

Oi oi! Alright people, just got my evo over here in Scotland and I have to say that I really am delighted. Its 9am and I've just caned 3 ELBs in about 15 minutes and am pretty seriously done, although I fully intend to keep going (got the day off :D). It's been quite a ride, pre-ordered the original cloud but never ended up getting one for numerous reasons.
Feels crazy to actually have one after talking about it for so long.

This thing seems like a serious step up from my DBV, and is much more fun to hit. What has impressed me the most is that I put in a blend that had a lot of moroccan style h*** mixed in with the herbs, typically such a blend becomes one solid block which doesn't allow for much airflow but the evo just ploughed right through it and I got a serious amount of thick hits from it.

I've been running it on max and I'm not finding the unit gets too hot to touch, though it does get fairly hot. I don't think mine is running cold or if it is I don't really care cus it is putting out the vapor!
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Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen