EVO Review from John B

I love vaporizing. I have been for over a decade and have used everything from dome vapes, whip vapes, bag delivery systems and portables. I found the Cloud Evo from VapeXhale online and was immediately impressed. Once it was delivered, I fell in love and it has changed the way I vape.

VapeXhale offers  a vaporizing experience unlike any other. The vaporizer itself is very simple, straight forward and easy to use. A temperature control dial is used to adjust the heat. A 'male' glass piece sits atop the vaporizer with a small hole where the Evo's ELB's (easy load bowls) are placed. A red light indicates 'heating up' and a green light means its ready to go. What sets apart the Cloud Evo from other vapes is how it incorporates their 'hydratubes' as a delivery system. The hydratube is a small waterpipe which sits atop the vaporizer. When I first saw it in action it made me reminisce about using water pipes with friends and how much I enjoyed using them and how much I missed it.  

I will break my review down into a few simple catagories that matter most to those who vape.

Vapor Quality:

The vapor quality on this thing is amazing! They don't call it the cloud for nothing. I was able to get large clouds of thick, delicious vapor from very small amounts of material. I was really impressed with how effecient the vape is which is great for those looking to use a little bit of material when vaping solo. The vapor came out in thick, dense clouds and had a very unique 'clean' taste to it that I have never experienced with an other vape. 


This is where the Evo absolutely shines. It can vape everything from flowers, concentrates to kief/pollen . Concentrates out of a vaporizer you say? That's right! VapeXhale offers an adapter called the VapeXnail. It is a glass piece that goes where the ELB would inside the vaporizer. You place the concentrates inside of the adapter and use the vaporizers higher heat settings (4 o clock to max). I have used countless dab rigs, enails and pens. The flavor and purity you get from the Evo is unmatched and just like with flowers, the Evo is remarkably effecient with concentrates. Being able to stretch your material out over a much longer time, saving a ton of money in the process. Of course the vape works great with flowers using the ELB's provided and if you're vaping kief or pollen, a double cap ELB method works great. This is where you place the kief between the caps of 2 ELB and place the caps in the ELB bottom (google it for betetr directions). It holds the material firmly in place and delivers amazing hits. Another great feature of the Evo is that you can either use the hydratubes on their site or simply use glass you already own. 

Build Quality:

The vaporizer itself is very lightweight and not in a cheap, plasticy way. The company uses a unique shell called Zyvex. It is remarkable at insulating heat and very strong. The lightweight design is great when using the Cloud inverted or upside down on glass pieces of your own or VapeXhales Hydrafoot 2.0 (a percolator sold seprately) . The hydratubes are strong glass and gorgeous pieces of art. I was very impressed with how well made both the vape and hydratubes were. The vapor path is all glass giving you the best, purest vapor possible. 


As I mentioned, the vapor quality is amazing and has a clean taste and feel to it. It seems to creep up on you and offers a robust, in your face vapor experience. I would say when using flowers it's the closest you can get to concentrates without using concentrates. It's that good.

Overall -  Pros/Cons:

No vaporizer is perfect, but this one is close. The top half of the unit gets a bit hot, but the bottom stays cool even after using it a long time. Glass is always scary for us clumsy people and the price point is on the higher end but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Mercedes and BMW's cost more because they are built with better quality and perform better than the compoetiton, as does the Evo.  That being said, I absolutely love this vape. It has been my go-to since it arrived. I haven't picked used any other vape since. The vapor it produced  just can't be beat and the overall experience of using it is well, just fun!  The fact that it doubles as a flower and concentrate vape is huge for me. So if you're looking for the best vaporizing experience out there, pick one of these up, you'll love it. 

John B


Brianne O`Neill
Brianne O`Neill