The Potlander Reviews the VapeXhale EVO

There’s one big problem with desktop loose-leaf vaporizers: They don’t look that cool.

They might produce a healthier inhalable substance, made of water and psychoactive compounds instead of smoke and psychoactive compounds, but compared to your average $500-plus bong, a vaporizer tends to look like something you’d get at The Sharper Image to change the humidity of your home office.

Enter the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Outfitted with the Xhale Turbine attachment—the glass pieces that fit on the simple black base unit range from $30 to $270—it gives you a nice little rush of bubbles.

Like thus:

OK, it’s not quite the badass creation that is the Rooster Apparatus, but this unit at least looks like something you could see a cool person posing with on Instagram and gives you a pleasant rush of bubbles while turning your ground-up flower into vapor.

Beyond the looks, I’m a fan of  this all-glass path product for several reasons.

First, because the device is simple to operate—you flip the on/off switch and let the glass heating element turn from red to green. The temperature dial is sensitive and I was able to dial in each strain to get the right results, though perfectionists might prefer a digital gauge that allows them to set it to the recommended grower-suggested temperature.

Second, because at higher temperatures I got a good, thick cloud of vapor.

Third, because it’s nice that you can get the vapor going then lift off the glass piece on top and pass it along. No one wants to use an extension cord in order to have enough slack to pass their vape around for a sesh. With this, you can simply hand over the cool-looking glass topper.

If you’re looking for a new desktop vape and love the sound of water bubbles, check this guy out.

VapeXhale Admin
VapeXhale Admin


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