The Emerald Cup - A New Favorite Device For the Connoisseurs

The Emerald Cup has come and gone and it was another whirlwind weekend for Team VapeXhale.  We really appreciate this show because it is primarily geared towards the people who have contributed the most to this industry and have had the most risk, the growers and farmers.  Being able to try all the latest strains and extract methodologies was truly an eye opening experience.

The VapeXhale EVO was one of the favorite devices of the show attendees.  We could not have asked for a better reception than all the glowing smiles and nods of approval we got after they tried the EVO.  One of our favorite attendees was Dylan Bonnick of Twister Trimmer  who brought by extract artist after extract artist to experience the EVO.  Let's just say, he was batting 100% for the day with each artist buying a unit on the spot

As always, we want to thank our great friends at Meadow, FlowKana, Frenchy Canoli, and everyone else who made this such an awesome event.  To get to share the EVO with the people that truly understand what it takes to make top shelf cannabis is a moment that we will never forget.  The amount of knowledge, love, and warmth that was shared by all vendors and attendees was truly remarkable.  We are honored to be part of these large festivals where there is absolutely no violence, only positive vibes and attitudes.

Until the next show!  Be sure to watch the video below to see all the highlights from the show!

Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen


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