Journey to the East and UFC on Fox Sports 1

It has been quite some time since my last blog entry and there is A LOT to update everyone on.

First and foremost, we had a very successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in preparation for our VapeXhale Cloud EVO launch. The overwhelming support not only humbled us, but it rejuvenated our batteries as the company had gone through a tough 4-month stretch.

Now that we have finished our fundraising, we can get back to the fun stuff, making vaporizers. All the parts have been ordered and Professor Vape has been diligently setting up our manufacturing facility. We have a video crew documenting the process and should be fun to watch after we launch.

The folks that supported us on Indiegogo will be the first to receive their VapeXhale Cloud EVOs. We are now taking pre-orders where you can save $50 off by reserving your Cloud EVO today. Just go to and get your pre-order in.

I was watching the Kid’s Choice Awards earlier this week and Ashton Kutcher told the audience, “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap!” If I have learned anything over the last few months, it is to be thoughtful, generous, and smart, in that order.

Just to quickly switch gears, here are my picks for the inaugural UFC ON FOX SPORTS1:

Shogun KO RD2 - Shogun gets taken down a few times, sweeps and gets back to his feet, finishes Sonnen in the second round with strikes

Overeem KO RD1 - Overeem's striking experience overwhelms Hapa athleticism.  After a few failed takedown attempts, Hapa takes a knee to the head and the night ends early for him

Faber UD - Outworks and outgrapples Yuri in highly competitive bout

Matt Brown KO RD3 - Matt Brown makes the fight ugly and ultimate stops Pyle

Howard UD - Howard makes the move to 185 and upsets Hall who is still getting his mental game prepped for high level fighting

Lauzon SUB RD2 - competitive first round, Lauzon wins by explosive armbar

McDonald UD - McDonald outworks Pickett who will have a few moments landing big shots

Holloway UD - MacGregor gets exposed by the youngest fighter in the UFC. 

Brown UD - Too much experience, Mike Brown coasts to a UD

Brandao KO RD2 - Brandao balances work rate with explosiveness and wins with knees

Miller UD - Miller uses reach to stifle Manvel to a UD

Nijem UD - Boring, classic Nijem lay n pray

Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen


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October 06, 2013

Go VapeXhale Team!!! Can’t wait to see some video of professor vape at work!!!


August 22, 2013

Indiegogo was an amazing experience, it was an honor to witness it and to be able to play a small part. Good stuff/karma coming out of the campaign, will be for years to come I think. :-)

I liked Kutcher’s speech as well. Especially the part about how luck looks a lot like hard work. And the part where he said he never had a job that he was better than.

Looking forward to getting updates from Professor Vape!

Peace to you StoneMonkey,



August 16, 2013

You sure about Overeem winning? He has a glass jaw (with mma gloves) and Hapa can knock down him in one shot for sure. I hope he’s smart enough to don’t fight in the clinch against the Reem.

About MacGregor, I didn’t know a lot about him before his first fight in the UFC but he impressed me a lot with his beautiful footwork and how he works the angles in his boxing. After it I watched some of his fights and I think he’s really good in striking. I hope he wins and they put him with some top 10, not sure if he could win one of the top10 guys.

In the other fights I share the same thoughts, it seems like we think alike ;)

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