Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Artisanal Glass

At VapeXhale, we had a simple goal, deliver the tastiest, most potent, and smoothest vapor possible.  Instead of focusing on the technical components, we would like to show you what really makes the EVO experience a unique and unforgettable moment.

We have always believed that vaporizing is a ritual meant to be a shared with friends.  We often focus on the technical innovations hidden within the EVO, but of equal importance is the artisanal beauty of our HydraTubes.  Our HydraTubes bestow an arsenal of customizable percolation and diffusion options to harness moisture conditioned vapor that is non irritating and organically delicious.

All of our glass components are carefully sculpted of the highest grade borosilicate glass and delicately blown by hand with uniform consistency.  Crafted with enhanced user experience at the heart of our design and functionality, all of our mouthpieces provide minimal air-flow resistance and serve as a medium for all inhalation styles to achieve optimum vapor production with dried herbs and concentrates regardless of individual lung power.  


The unique versatility of the EVO allows you to take advantage of moisture conditioned vapor thru our sophisticated HydraTubes as well as any existing water-pipe or bubbler.  This flexibility allows the user an unprecedented control over tailoring your vapor experience by allowing the user to select either smoother or more flavorful vapor.  What other vaporizer can do that?

Compatible with your Existing Glass Collection

Not only does the EVO work with VapeXhale HydraTubes, it can also be used with any rig on the market with the help of an adapter kit.  Your huge investment in beautiful glassware can now be used with your high end vaporizer.  This flexibility allows the EVO to be enjoyed on many different levels.

Easy to share

Lastly, are you tired of the “one-hit wonder” that takes far too long to setup and reload while your friends sit around fiendishly thirsting for vapor?  With our Herb Basket and VapeXNail attachments that can be rapidly loaded, enjoyed, and refilled with a flick of the wrist, our vaporizers are a perfect fit to be the life of the party.  When you are experiencing something THIS good, do you really want to do it alone?

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