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The HydraBase™ Honey Edition is a second generation HydraFoot that increases the functionality and modularity to your EVO line up. The HydraBase™ adds a second layer of diffusion in addition to improving the overall balance of your HydraTube.  This is one of the most sought after accessories both for its beauty, functionality and versatility. 

Please note that in order to hook up the HydraBase™ to the EVO you must use an 18mm to 14mm Female VapeXhale Adapter Kit and an 18mm to 14mm Glass Male Adapter

For a limited time only each HydraBase™ will include a FREE 18mm to 14mm Glass Male Adapter. You can purchase the 18mm to 14mm Female VapeXhale Adapter Kit >>HERE<<.

Here are two of the most common ways to use the HydraBase™:

Attach to upright EVO with Adapters (dry herb & concentrates):

Step 1: Insert 18mm to 14mm Male Glass Adapter into HydraBase™

Step 2: Connect the 18mm to 14mm Female VapeXhale Adapter Kit from the HydraBase™ to the EVO 

Watch demo:

Inverted EVO (dry herb only):

Step 1: While holding firmly, flip the EVO upside-down

Step 2: Place EVO into HydraBase™

Watch demo:

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