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LIMITED EDITION: Symbiartic Chandelier - Factory Seconds

Come check out this EXTREMELY limited edition HydraTube by the Mad-Artistic-Scientists at Symbiartic Glass! Seamlessly blending the intricate facets of functional-heady-glass-art and scientific-glass-ingenuity, Symbiartic is a boutique handblown glass studio out of Boulder, Colorado that specializes in one-of-a-kind percolators, diffusers, and aqua filtration designs unmatched and unattempted by any other glass artists in the world. This version of their intricate Lattice Chandelier diffuser is one of their signature designs that chops and stacks bubbles like you've never seen before, while facilitating the fullest vibrant herbal flavors to glow through. Making it exponentially more smooth, the gridded G-Line percolator creates an additional layer of low-resistance filtration.  Craving the most advanced and intricate HydraTube on the market today? Treat yourself to this fleetingly limited masterpiece before it's too late!


This HydraTube™ is the same high quality as the full price version but with a slight visual imperfection so we have to call it a Factory Second. Does not effect function. See photos.


All of our glass is hand made by a glass artisan. While we do try and make each piece as consistently as possible, because each one is hand-made, you may see a slight variation from unit to unit. 

No refunds, all items purchased as is.