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VapeXhale Cleaning Kit

CLEAN GLASS MEANS MORE FLAVOR. Inside the VapeXhale Cleaning Kit you will find the tools needed for keeping your VapeXhale EVO™ & HydraTubes™ sparkling clean to continue to deliver the tastiest vapor.

The VapeXhale Cleaning Kit includes:

  • 1 plastic squeeze bottle
  • 4 Rubber stoppers, one in each size; #3 = 18-24mm, #2 = 16-20mm, #00 = 10-15mm, and #00000 6-10mm
  • 1 pack of extra long cotton swabs (100 pieces per pack)
  • 1 bristle brush
  • 1 Instructional insert

Please note that you will need to purchase your own Isopropyl alcohol or a 420 cleaning solution.