VapeXhale Cloud EVO™ w/ Dry Mouthpiece

VapeXhale Cloud EVO™ w/ Dry Mouthpiece

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The VapeXhale Cloud EVO™ is one of the most advanced vaporizers on the planet. This unit has been completely re-designed to ensure that you get the healthiest, thickest, and tastiest vapor possible. The Cloud EVO™ took all the best attributes of our award winning Cloud Vaporizer and improved on every aspect of the machine.  The current model incorporates a faster heat up time and is backwards compatible with all VapeXhale Cloud accessories and incorporates these unique features:

  • All glass vapor path
  • Perpetuheat Heating System™ (PHS)
  • HydraTube™ Delivery System
  • Lightweight Design
  • 110V


The Standard EVO includes:

  • 1 VapeXhale Cloud EVO™
  • 2 EZ Load Bowl™
  • 1 Full Size Heat Shield
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece


Current Price: $449.99


  • 1. Choose your glass (Recommended)
    VapeXhale Glass Mouthpiece
    VapeXhale Glass Mouthpiece -
    [Add $30.00]
    View Details
    Gordo Scientific MiniRiptide™
    Gordo Scientific MiniRiptide™ -
    [Add $270.00]
    View Details
    VapeXhale HydraBomb™
    VapeXhale HydraBomb™ -
    [Add $300.00]
    View Details
    VapeXhale HydraHoneyComb™
    VapeXhale HydraHoneyComb™ -
    [Add $300.00]
    View Details
    VapeXhale Turbine™
    VapeXhale Turbine™ -
    [Add $300.00]
    View Details
    HydraBase™ - BOMB EDITION
    HydraBase™ - BOMB EDITION -
    [Add $225.00]
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    FINAL RELEASE: Swagger Double™
    FINAL RELEASE: Swagger Double™ -
    [Add $299.99]
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  • 2. Choose Accessories (optional)
    EZ Load Bowls™ (ELB) - Pack of 4
    EZ Load Bowls™ (ELB) - Pack of 4 - [Add $19.99]
    SiliContainers™ - Pack of 5
    SiliContainers™ - Pack of 5 - [Add $20.00]
    VapeXhale CloudBuddy™
    VapeXhale CloudBuddy™ - [Add $50.00]
    VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18MM + 10mm & 14mm)
    VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18MM + 10mm & 14mm) - [Add $60.00]
    VapeXNail™ Essential Oils Attachment - Pack of 2
    VapeXNail™ Essential Oils Attachment - Pack of 2 - [Add $50.00]
    VapeXNail™ Essential Oils Attachment - Pack of 5
    VapeXNail™ Essential Oils Attachment - Pack of 5 - [Add $115.00]
  • 3. Choose a Warranty (Required)
    1-Year Protection (3 year on electronics)
    1-Year Protection (3 year on electronics) - [Add $0.00]
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    Umbrella Platinum 3-Year Protection
    Umbrella Platinum 3-Year Protection - [Add $199.99]
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Highlights/Tech Specs

A vaporizer is a device used to extract active ingredients from plant materials. It does this by heating the plant material to a point hot enough such that the active ingredients thereof pass from a liquid to a gaseous state (this is what’s called “vapor” guys and gals). It does not, however, set them on fire.

Mother Nature is an exquisite artist. Her plants are beautiful and their individual, unique essence is to be cherished. The VapeXhale Cloud is designed so that we do not interfere with what Mother Nature created, we just help you enjoy it more.
When it comes to health, we are as serious as a Wanderlei Silva stare down. We use an all glass vapor path not because it is so durable or easy to work with, but because of how safe of a material it is. It is inert, non-reactive, and allows the full flavor and terpenes to shine through during vaporization.



"Not many products exceed the hype and build up behind it.  The VapeXhale Cloud has blown the doors off of my expectations.  My only regret is that I don't have two of them"

- Jeff R. Chicago, IL


"When I first tried the VX Cloud at my friend's house, I knew I had to get one.  Now that I have one, my girlfriend has stolen it from me"

- Matt P. San Francisco, CA


"Dry vapor used to be very harsh on my throat.  With the Cloud, I can take massive inhales while my throat stays comfortable.  I am talking about MASSIVE CLOUDS.

Jenny F. Seattle, WA