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The performance, the flavor, the density of it vapor. it was unparalleled in every aspect.

So it's been over 24 hours hours with my new friend EVO. After the wait and all that each and every one of has gone through is it worth it? Well, I can answer that in two senses.

1. If you have had or used an original cloud than yes.

2. If you had a broken unit or have never had the opportunity to try the original. than the answer is F*** yes!

To be quite candid had I been completely blindfolded with someone else doing the work I don't think I could tell the difference between the original and the EVO. Had mine not been broken for so long I may have noticed the slight increase in draw but at this point none.

Now with that being said, I could only imagine that when Seibo came up with the idea this is what he thought of. It's almost as if all previous cloud owners were in all actuality beta testers and this was the love child of all the gripe.

From the removable power cord, to the rubber bumper at the base of the gong it is like night and day from the previous model. Even the packaging, very classy. When I first held it I couldn't believe how light it was. the first one was like holding a fucking first grader over glass piece.

I was concerned when I heard about the EVO. In mu heart I hoped it was a revamping. There was no way they or any one else for that matter could improve upon what the original had done. The performance, the flavor, the density of it vapor. it was unparalleled in every aspect.

In my honest opinion, from what i've seen at this point is they just took their derby racer and turned it into a performance race car. 

Personally, I don't see how anyone has shit on the EVO. I can't wait till all my friends have theirs so we could chat about it.

@stonemonkey55 - thank you sir. The device is an absolute delight.X


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen