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Best taste w/ the most even/complete extraction I've seen to-date for any vapes

Ok ... so after a weekend away from my EVO after only having it for a day, then after another day back ... here's my updated review. I'm not going to go into every detail because a bunch of reviews have already been done that cover the bases, so I'm more just going to voice some of my thoughts and opinions that I think might be of interest or might discuss in more detail or my take on some points that have already been discussed.

Taste: 2nd to none. This is the best tasting vape I've ever owned. It's especially tasty if one heats it up and then hits immediately as opposed to letting the thermal mass build (the Clouds might be a little more wispy, but my thoughts, based on temp of ELB and GonG connector where ELB is inserted as that more convection extraction vs conduction extraction happens after a quick heatup and hit)

Time for a session: From a cold start, and from a hot start, the EVO is #1. (I can be done in about 3 minutes from a cold start ... turn EVO onto 3 ... start grinding and prepare ELB, when EVO turns green, hit--2 hits to cache--then empty ELB and clean w/ brush .... pretty sure that whole process if I'm in a hurry is around 3 minutes)

Density of Clouds: Densest clouds I've experienced to-date. Even at 12 after a pre-heat.

Efficiency: Best taste w/ the most even/complete extraction I've seen to-date for any vapes. Completely extracts in 1-3 hits and even w/ minimal heatup time can yield very dark ABV if vaping at a higher temp.

Ergonomics: I love it. I love the EVO and I love the hydratubes and that style of hitting. I much prefer the hydratube style to the bong style (I can hit it while standing and pass it around and the EVO's not balancing on top ... I like the way you pickup the EVO in one hand, the hydratube in the other, join the 2 and hit ... feels so natural and so good!)

Just want to comment on the Fanatic tube as well ... it's a beauty (the nicest piece I own by far) ... the filtration is amazing yet somehow still doesn't seem to steel from the taste ... at higher temps the Fanatic tube still was soothing and not harsh at all where as my standard Evolver HydraCirc at higher temps you can feel it.



Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen