There is absolutely nothing on the market that competes with the engineering in this thing

Have had a nice time with the new EVO unit and my OG hydracirc. Do not let the discussion of a "tighter draw" adhere your decisions on spending your hard earned money on this incredible device. i heard about The Cloud and immediately pre-ordered in April 2011. Got my OG Cloud "ticker" in 2012 and I have been using it for well over a year now before it went kaput becuz i had the habit of twisting the HT off the top. I AM NOT DOING that now. But it did last for well over a year and a half. I always wondered about a bong attached to a vaporizer. We did a ghetto version of this with surgical tube, my tommy chong, and the EQ. beautifully inefficient. 

The OG ticker feels like the OG Iron Man armor. The new EVO is like the MK49. No ticking sounds (which I kinda miss cuz then I knew it was on when it was doing that lol. stoner.). It is absolutely light as all hell. I kinda miss the weight of the OG. but for ppl suffering from arthritis, this is a welcomed change. Im from the old school so I like things heavy. sturdy. shit MEN build. but I am getting used to the lightweight nature of it.

My EVO has not turned off yet as per the 60min timer. and I can tell u its HOT without bands. But the OGs were like that too. Bands do the trick. But Ive just had the habit of holding from the bottom base. Cupping it. Its just more stable that way.

Ive had a halfway full ELB. VERY DRY herb. grinded some couple hours ago and its been left air drying on my desk. no combustion at 11 o clock. tasty til the last hit. milky for about 4 hits. pulled hard. pulled slow. I'm totally vaked. Fanatic tube is in another box on its way still. Can't wait.

Its efficiently good. Didn't think it could top the ticker. But it did. OG ticker. I remember when i got that thing. First full bowl took me back to HS days. Room spinning. Had to lay down and rest lol. But as the tolerance began to settle in. That's when it gets good. You really feel like your getting your money's worth from the buds. Every last drop of usable "get highs". 

I got the fanatic because I had no doubt SM and the crew would improve upon an already solid prototype. I didn't mind the 1k, because with all the delays and all the minor quips about stuff, this machine is for real. There is absolutely nothing on the market that competes with the engineering in this thing. Im not really a concentrates man, so I cant comment on that, but when i do get some hash i will def try it out. 

I'm not a big poster on these boards. Huge lurker. But I feel the need to back up the VXL crew. SM and the VXL crew, I know they are working hard to make sure this experience will be as easy and pain free as possible but you have to be patient with a new company. When I heard units were getting out before the fanatics, I wasn't mad at all. I was happy. I wanted to hear other rookies tell me about their EVO experience. SM went from a poster on these boards looking for a good using that huge database of posts on the Cloud building the Cloud...and now to the EVO. They have definitely come a long way. I know for a fact that big things are to come (i don't really know that) but i do at the same time. I believe in what these guys have built. I'm sure you will to. Trust the millions of posts on the Cloud thread. It works. Its efficient. Its improved.


Seibo Shen
Seibo Shen