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What makes the VapeXhale EVO different?

The VapeXhale EVO was designed for those that desire the ultimate herbal experience. We started by using a delivery methodology (HydraTube) that is very familiar to almost anyone who used to combust their herbs. The HydraTube moisture conditions the vapor produced by EVO to make the vapor feel much smoother.

Next, we wanted to make sure that the EVO could produce the most dense and most flavorful vapor possible. To do this, we started by selecting a heater that had the horsepower and reactivity to quickly adjust to the temperature change that occurs when someone inhales. This allows the user to inhale in the manner most comfortable to them and the EVO to deliver the same experience each and every time.

The heater is then encapsulates a glass air chamber to produce the purest air path in the industry. We chose to use glass because of its inert properties that allow the entire flavor spectrum of your favorite herbs and concentrates to shine through.

How do you clean the EVO?

Keeping the EVO clean is quite simple. When you are finished using your EVO, simply turn the device off and let the unit cool down. Once it has cooled down, you can take a cotton swab and dip it into a safe cleaning solution and clean the top and bottom of the glass tube by swabbing the insides.

Recommended cleaning solution: isopropyl alcohol or a non-toxic glass cleaner

What’s the best temperature to use the EVO at?

The EVO has a usable range of approximately 200-500 degrees Fahrenheit. The noon (middle) position is approximately 350 degrees and that is the suggest temperature to start with. Adjust the knob counter clockwise to lower the temperature and clockwise to raise the temperature.

How do I choose a HydraTube?

The HydraTubes were designed so that you can customize your vapor experience. Depending on if you value flavor, smoothness, or ease of pull most, there will be a HydraTube that fits your needs. Here is a short guide to help:

If you want the most flavorful vapor – Turbine

If you want the smoothest vapor – HydraHoneyComb

If you want the easiest pull – HydraBomb

How do I clean a HydraTube?


Pour safe cleaning solution of your choice into the HydraTube through the mouthpiece until all the dirty areas are submerged. Let the HydraTube soak overnight and then pour cleaning solution out. Rinse the HydraTube thoroughly with warm water until theHydraTube is completely clean. 

Recommended cleaning solution: isopropyl alcohol or a non-toxic glass cleaner