Factory Second: VapeXhale NailBuddy™ 2.0

COOL DOWN STATION. The VapeXhale NailBuddy™ 2.0 is an extremely helpful tool for concentrate affcionados. Upgraded from the original model to store up to 10 VapeXNails™ to allow proper cooling. Can also hold up to 2 Dab Tools and a dab jar to keep you organized.

Please note that this item is discounted due to one or more of the following imperfections: slight cosmetic scratch, dent, chip or imperfect logo cutout.

Allergy Warning:  The wood in this NailBuddy™ 2.0 is sealed with one or more natural nut tree oils (e.g. almond, walnut, etc). Please use caution when using this product around those with nut allergies.  

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